This project increases Australian and Korean public awareness of cultural differences and similarities caused by the geographical location of each country. Through a joint partnership between science teacher educators, artists, and science teachers in each country, we will create a digital platform to introduce STEAM curriculum materials designed to support students and teachers in identifying how geographical differences affect issues such as weather, seasons, constellations, and topography. Using STEAM pedagogies, students and teachers in grades 3-12 will be supported to consider how these phenomena have influenced cultural similarities and differences between both countries. This shared digital space will increase Australia’s capacity to more effectively engage with Korean artists, scientists, science educators and in-service teachers by creating and maintaining a platform to support cross-country and cross-cultural student-teacher interactions. Australia and Korea Foundation (AKF) funding will serve as a seed project to foster additional collaborative efforts between participants in the future. 

Australian STEAM Team                                                                                                                   

Macquarie University  

Hye-Eun Chu, Science Education,

Katherine Stewart, Science Education,                  

Bronwen Wade-Leeuwen, Art Education,                

Cathie How, ICT education,


Seoul National University                                                                                                                    

Sonya Martin, Science Education,                                        

Seung-Urn Choe, Scientist & Science Education,                                

Jinwoong Song, Science Education,                                              

Hyung-Kyu Ku, Elem Science Teacher,

Ewha Women’s University                                                                                                                  

Kongju Mun, Science Education,


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