Australia-Korea Foundation Sponsored Intercultural Symposium: STEAM Education  

The 2016 Australia-Korea Foundation Intercultural Symposium will be hosted by Macquarie University’s School of Education, on Monday 27th of June 2016, in the MacICT, Macquarie University, North Ryde, NSW, Australia. 

The symposium includes:

1-      Guest speakers’ talks (Professor David Christian, Professor David Treagust)

2-      Introduction of STEAM program for global networking

3-      Workshops for primary school teachers’ on STEAM classroom implementation

The symposium targets primary school teachers and science education researchers who are interested in integrating a multidisciplinary approach to science education. It is free to attend, however registration is required

Here are the Flyer and short schedule (Please click!)

Here is the campus maps and registration guide (Please click!)


Symposium information updates will be available in the coming months after registration has been completed. If you would like to receive updates but you have not registered, please email to Dr Hye-Eun Chu